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Friday, April 16, 2010

new novel sequel to Inga, sequel to the Seduction of Inga,

Below is a blog from before the I saw Swimming Pool, the girl I met to base the fictional character on reminds me of the girl in the film. I had borrowed it befrore seeing her. Although I wasn't concerned about the film before the death of Ingmar Bergman, I had mentioned it on the internet due to Max Von Sydow visit to the 2003 Cannes Film Festival, which is to say I've waited since it was first run to see it.

There are shot of Ludivine sagnier that are intriguing. In the film there is an exquisite horizontal pan left of her having a cigarrette in the tub that begins with a close shot of her right foot and follows her half submerged. Submerge in water seems a metaphor early in the film either for sexuality of the secrets of a young woman.

When she is in the pool he switches, using a reverse screen direction (alot of my 'lost' writing from when I was 'physically' married was about Victor Sjostrom, who uses reverse screen direction, which is why I'm not going to give it to you personally, should you find it, the universe was only made for human compassion, whether Camus' indifference can be transcended or not)

She is seen swimming, again submerged if metaphor, from the left of the screen to the right and takes camera as she is getting out of the pool, the camera is kept at tripod level, affording a close shot of her entire body as she ascends (rather than panning, the character moves in front of the stationary camera). What is stunning is that she sits down over the shoulder and lays down toward the camera during the shot, her feet ot the left of the screen to complete a horizontal full shot. The camera reverses screen direction for a full shot where the screen is divided in half with her feet to the right of the screen. Her shimmering reflection in the pool is the bottom half of the screen, her submerged image, rather than submerged body, if metaphor, and her tanning body at pool side the top half of the screen. The metaphor could be temporal.
There is later a beautiful scene only because Ozon as a screenwirter thought of filming her making a journal entry semi-nude, which I think highly of, as do I of the semi-nude scene at the pool side with both female actresses, which is more of Ozon the director.


This is hoepfully more serious than I've made it sound, but I've revised it. I'm still lifting weights six days a week, so my energy level is new. I've increased the amount of whey powder potein and have been walking through the city more often (from Suffolk to Berklee) screened the film Octapussy with Roger Moore to breathe out the Camus' Lyrical Essays I've been reading and too much music before leaving it at the Low album by Bowie (Sound and Vision, Speed of Life, to which my lyrics for a new poem are either Where the Sunshine Begins, take me, Where the Sunshine Begins, or Tearing the Place Apart, When I'm in Pieces, untill you find my heart) and today one of our near fatal spies from Northeastern, (whether or not she was looking for the highschool dropouts of whichever-University-when-you-reach-this-point) and I couldn't believe she was a Sophmore- she asked for a cigarrette and I asked her twice if she was 18 and she had to tell me twice that she was 19. Let's make it exciting and give her name as Nicole so that she'll find me again, only because I could have asked her to dinner; there's a cool restaraunt near her school on Copley-Newbury that I had lunch at yesterday.
Actually without the fantasy, she was nice and incredibly pretty so the new chapter is about when she's was lighting the cigarette the character, as near to her as he can possibly kisses her kneck, his being a little taller. The visual to the novel is that she is shorter than he and her kneck is shown uncovered, nude, where her shoulders are not and all the character can think about it kissing them, although this is the first time he has ever seen her.

I'll take a breath for Moonraker. The films this week I'll be unspooling that I have seen before:
Port of Call, Contempt, I am Curious Blue, I am Curious Yellow.

Those I have not: Whirl Pool of Fate, Nana, Little March Girl, Loves of a Blonde.


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