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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

reading paperback, writing erotic novel

I'm waiting for my program guide, I actually telephoned last night because some of the other stations in the area were slow, you would know them, but might not include all and found a copy of The Memorial Hall Murder, by Jane Langton.
I have to read this fast- it is the exception,but it waswritten by an art student. The dedication page is G.F. Handel's Messiah, but if you come across the soundtrack to the film Love Story, it is an album I had in Jr. High and I still like the music. I might be listening to a Boston station, but still they are there. Among other things, I saw the author Nadine Gordimer in the building (yes the very building), but she's one of those things I just don't mention from a long time ago.(Walcott was here last month, but the girl I spoke to on the phone said the auditorium would be filled to capacity) Again, this novel is an exception and I have to read it for Art History in the fiction novel real fast. If you wouldn't know, Memorial Hall is convieniently located between the subway and the library, as are some of the University-radiostations in the City itself.
Last night was slow, I attended a storytelling festival and lifted weights after.

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