Greta Garbo

Swedish Silent Film

Victor Sjostrom and Swedish Silent Film

Gustaf Molander and Swedish Silent Film

The above article from the United States includes a still from the film Secret of the Monastery, directed in Sweden by Victor Sjostrom Swedish Silent Film Swedish Silent Film In the United States Picture Play magazine during 1922 devoted two pages to the silent film of Sweden, thier including oval portraits of Astrid Holm and Gosta Ekman, as well as film stills from the films Dawn of Love, Thy Soul Shall Bear Witness and The Fortune Hunter. A second still from The Fortune Hunter featuring actress Mary Johnson was included on the second page. Greta Garbo Swedish Silent Film

Scandinavian Silent Film

Silent Ibsen

Danish actress Betty Nansen was quoted by Photoplay Magazine during 1915 in an article entitled The Vikingess about her staring in screen adaptations of Ibsen's work, "Hitherto film offers for most of the plays- "Peer Gynt" being a notable exception have been refused. 'I feel hopeful of inducing the Ibsen family to reconsider", said Madame Nansen, especially since I  who have been so closely linked to these plays have gone into the movies."

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