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Friday, June 2, 2023

Scott Lord Silent Film: Secrets of the Night (Blanche, 1924)

The Silent mystery "Secrets of the Night" was directed in 1924 by Herbert Blanche. The film stars actresses Madge Bellamy, Zazu Pitts and Rosemary Theby.

Silent Film

Scott Lord Silent Film: Lon Chaney in The Trap (Thomby, 1922)

"The Trap" by directed by Robert Thorby featured both actors Lon Chaney and Lon Chaney Jr. Lon Chaney.

Lon Chaney

Scott Lord Silent Film: Broken Hearts of Broadway (Irving Cummings, 1923)

Silent Film Silent Film Silent Film

Scott Lord Silent Film: The Lighthouse by the Sea (Porter, Edison, 1911)

Directed by Edwin S. Porter in 1911, "Lighthouse by the Sea" was written by Bannister Merwin and starred actress Mabel Trunnelle.
Silent Film Edison Studios