Greta Garbo and Victor Sjostrom

Friday, May 17, 2024

Scott Lord Silent Film: Knight of the Trail (Ince, 1915)

Frank Borzage stars with director William S. Hart and actress Leona Hutten, in the two reeler "Knight of Trail". Borzage shortly thereafter went on to direct silent film for The Triangle Film Corporation and although copies of the 1918 film "The Gun Woman" still exist, the remaining seven films directed by Borazge during 1918, "Innocents Pogress", "The Shoes That Danced", "Society For Sale", "An Honest Man", "Who Is To Blame", "The Ghost Flower" and "The Atom" (five reels) are presumed to be lost films, with no surviving copies existing, as are the remaining two silent films Frank Borzage directed for the Triangle Film Corporation during 1919, "Tonton the Apache" and "Prudence on Broadway" (five reels). Silent Film

Scott Lord Silent Film: The Pride of Palomar (Frank Borzage, 1922)

Directed during 1922 by Frank Borzage, "The Pride of Palomar" (eight reels) features actress Marjorie Draw with Warner Oland in the supporting cast. Silent Film Silent Film Silent Film