Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Remade by Greta Garbo: Anna Christie

The policy of filming on a closed set that was almost a trademark for actress Greta Garbo may have in part originated earlier. Exhibitor's Herald during 1923 ran an announcement credited to a "Special to Exhibitor's Herald" in Los Angeleas titled "Ince Signs Sweet", which read, "'Anna Christie' star has been signed by Thomas H. Ince for another big special to be made behind closed doors."

For readers familiar with the photographers of Greta Garbo, the above photograph was published by Clarence Sinclair Bull, who became photographer for Greta Garbo with the advent of sound film and her filming for director Clarence Brown with cameraman William Daniels and set designer-costume artist Adrian. Several photographs of Greta Garbo taken by Clarence Sinclair Bull that were scanned from the original negative and left over from the biography Greta Garbo, A Cinematic Legacy, appear in this page in the margins.
Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo
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