Greta Garbo and Victor Sjostrom

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Nedbrudt nerven/The Hill Park Mystery (A. W. Sandberg, 1923).

Thomas C. Christenson, Who was kind enough to write to me from the Danish Film Institute last year, in his articles Restoration of Danish Silent Films: In Colour and Restoring a Danish Silent Film: Nedbrute Nerver writes about the restoration of what he deems to be “a comic mystery plot set in contemporary time in an unnamed Western country.” Nordisk Film Kompagni title books were used in the restoration to augment the original nitrate print.
A.W. Sandberg, notably at a time when Denmark was looking for foreign markets to which to export Film to quell an economic crisis caused by completion from Hollywood, gained recognition as a director by adapting the works of Charles Dickens, including “Our Mutual Friend” (1921), ”Great Expectations” (1922), “David Copperfield” (1922) and “Little Dorritt” (1924).

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