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Friday, October 6, 2017

Ingmar Bergman, Svensk Filmindustri, Rasunda

In Images, before filming with Victor Sjostrom, the actor, Ingmar Bergman relates his early emergence as a scriptwriter-director by mentioning the playwright Hjalmer Bergman, "According to Molander, Torment ought to be filmed. Stina Bergman showed me his comments, at the same time rebuking me for my penchant for dark and terrible things, 'Sometimes you are just like Hjalmer!'...Hjalmer Bergman was my idol.'" Not entirely unprophetic, Forsyth Hardy saw Ingmar Bergman's influence as screenwriter, specifically on Gustav Molander after the two had filmed, "Molander's association with Ingmar Bergman has clearly been a stimulus, as his subsequent films, notably Love is the Victor (Karleken Segrar, 1949)...have revealed."

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Ingmar Bergman

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