Greta Garbo and Victor Sjostrom

Monday, January 29, 2024

Scott Lord Silent Film: Silent Film Studio Tour (M.G.M, 1925)

Silent Film

The 1925 Studio Tour of Metro Goldwyn Mayer, true to the extratextual discourse of its magazine advertisements that boasted of a firmament full of stars, featured a dozen of the studios directors that were then present on the backlot filming that year, inluding Victor Sjostrom, Dimitri Buchowerski, Monta Bell, Rupert Holmes, Eric von Stroheim, Fred Niblo, King Vidor, Joseph von Sternberg, Christy Cabanne, Tod Browning, William A. Wellman, Jack Conway, Edmund Goulding and Marcel de Sarno. Actors and actresses featured in the studio tour included Zazu Pitts, Roman Novarro, Aileen Pringle, Gertrude Olmstead, Norma Shearer, Mae Murray, Lew Cody, Estelle Clark, Conrad Nagel, and Lon Chaney

Silent Film

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