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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Scott Lord Silent Film: American Aristocracy (Ingraham, Triangle Film, 1...

Motion Picture Review reviewed “An American Aristocracy” in 1916. “The exhibitor knows the value of Douglas Fairbanks...We sincerely believe that Mr. Fairbanks can put this picture over with any audience whatsoever. It mixes comedy and thrills superbly. However, in the matter of construction it is not up to the standard of the best of his former pictures. It starts off with such a bang and such a rattling selection of uproarious subtitles that it cannot keep up the pace and as a consequence the action slowly up for a while during the middle of the picture. In the end, however, the thrills start again and takes the picture through to a glorious finish.”
For those interested in the screenwriting behind the photo play, which for this film was penned by Anita Loos, below is a magazine short story version, or novelization, of the Doulas Fairbanks Film.

Douglas Fairbanks Silent Film

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