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Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Scott Lord Silent Film: Biblical Drama; Christus (Guilio Antamoro, 1916)

When first read the analytic interpretation of "Christus" (Guilio Antomoro, 1916) by Chandra Han, Pelita Harpan University in the paper Jesus in Film: Representation, Misrepresentation and Denial of Jesus' Agony in Gospels, is fascinating when pointing out the nature of Jesus is depicted as divine in the film in that the dove over him in the portrayal is symbolic of the Holy Spirit, Jesus as "fully God"; this is used to distinguish the divine and human natures of Christ in both the Canonical Gospels and the Apochryphal Gospels and the contrasting agaony of the Savior in both (the human form of Christ having suffered or experienced sorrow for the love of mankind, the divine nature implied to always have existed). silent film silent film

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