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Friday, April 1, 2022

Scott Lord Silent Film: Mae Marsh in Hoo Doo Ann (Ingraham, 1916)

In her autobiography entitled "Screen Acting", it is invigorating that actress Mae Marsh remains steadfast to her subject- just that, the silent film actress in front of the camera acting, perhaps more so than Lillian Gish in her autobiography. As part of the integrated instances autobiographical reminiscence sprinkled sparingingly within, Marse briefly casts a fond, but brief cursory glance at some of her films, "Yet no pictures I will ever make will be dearer to me than say...... The Escape, Hoo Doo Ann, The Wharf Rat, ect...". The films "Hoo Doo Ann" and "The Wharf Rat" were both filmed during 1916 for Triangle Films, the former with a photoplay by producer D. W. Griffith, the later with a photoplay by Anita Loos. Silent Film

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