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Thursday, January 25, 2024

Scott Lord Silent Film: Lon Chaney in Victory (Maurice Tourneur, 1919)

Robert Gordon Anderson, in his 1971 volume Faces, Forms, Films, the artistry of Lon Chaney, writes about the film "Victory" (five reels), directed by Maurice Tournuer. "The picture had good reviews despite some distortion of the storyline", liberties having been taken while adapting the literary work of Joseph Conrad.

Robert G. Anderson writes, "Not all of the movies being turned out were made without regard for the artistic nature of the media. Many directors strove to create something of a more lasting nature, utilizing photographt, lighting, settings, acting, editing to create what they wanted. Maurice Tourner was one of them. Tourner"s film of Joseph Conrad's Victor included another of Lon Chaney's villainous portraits." Lon Chaney

Lon Chaney Silent Film Lon Chaney

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